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    Websites are dynamic; not only do the websites themselves keep changing, but the medium in which they are viewed keeps changing. Viewing a portal on your PC, Tablet, or Handheld is a completely different experience, and so is making each portal compatible on each device. This is where our expertise in making your website seamlessly similar experience across different platforms comes in handy.

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About StapleWeb

As a company, Staple Web has led and partnered in a slew of varying web businesses. We pride ourselves on being innovators in the web, specializing in the mechanics behind the site, and fueling "concept sites," which have never been done before.We build powerful, yet simple, sites serving purposes such as e-commerce, corporate image, product showcasing, information-sharing, and more.

We create websites to fit the customers’ needs, valuing their variances and diversity. When it comes to design, we can do anything; and usually after a formal and informative creative meeting (generally completed in the first phase of a sites development), we use a concept/revision model to ensure our clients get the exact design they desire for their business.

Since our skills do not only lie in the design of the site, but also in the development, I included in the different types of sites in which we utilize all of the newest cutting edge technologies that make sites load faster, flow better, and have compatibility across all platforms including: older browsers, Macintosh computers, iPhone, Blackberry, and other mobile solutions.

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